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AKC CGC test

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-22 00:54

poor preparation but great results!

date: 2008-08-21 (4854 days ago)

dogs: Dexter, Harley, Judo, Marley

My day has been packed. It seems like there's been one thing after another with work but I was able to take a break to have lunch with some of the people involved with the rescue and discuss our goals for the second year. Getting our dogs ready to pass the CGC will be a big part of it.  After that it was back to handling emergencies right up until our CGC test time. Once again, I'd failed to practice with any of them.

We got to Klondike Canine Academy right before our scheduled time but I needed to pull dogs from the kennel.  Then it was time to test. I decided Harley probably wouldn't need to play so I tested with him first. He did a great job. He's far from being an ultra-responsive dog like Grazie has been but he's a sweet big guy and easy to manage. Pass!

I decided to try another big dog next. I didn't quite expect Dexter to pass but I wanted to run him through the test to see what he needed. The only walks he's taken with me have been high-speed so heeling isn't something we've perfected. He always pulls me until we've run a couple miles. As we walked into the testing area he was pulling hard and I almost turned to switch him for another dog but we gave it a shot. He took quite a bit of handling but we passed! I was especially happy that he did well on the supervised separation. (It doesn't hurt that the evaluator is a "big dog" person and appreciates him.)

Judo was next. Ug. Judo. He is so excitable and joyfully explosive. I love to be with him but pulling him through a CGC test is quite a challenge. I just had to laugh and look at working with him as a test of how well I can do instead of focusing on whether or not he'd ever pass. He did surprisingly well.  I had him a bit too jazzed when we did "walking through a crowd" and his front paws left the ground when he went toward someone. We got a "redo" on that later and I approached it more calmly. He breezed through it. He passed!

This means that most  of the dogs (five of eight) currently in the rescue program now have their CGCs!

I was told we had time for four dogs so I grabbed Morgan to finish. I thought he'd be easy but he surprised me. It was a couple hours beyond his normal feeding time and he was scouring the floor for leftovers. And he was curious about the part of the barn that covers the ground hog den. But he did fine until the supervised separation. He was ready to go home and then he heard Bob barking in the play area and got really excited. Fail. Oh, well. It should be easy to pass with him under better circumstances.

Since we'd moved through the dogs so quickly the evaluator offered to test another. Kitty chose Marley and we breezed through the testing. He takes handling at just the right times but he's generally easy. Another pass!

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