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Art on the Wabash

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-22 17:16

date: 2008-09-21 (4824 days ago)

dogs: Dexter, Dobky, Marley, Sarge/Bob/Calder

Kitty wanted to attend Art on the Wabash after church but I knew the dogs were in need of a run. We hadn't been out for awhile so I ran with the boys while Kitty and Grazie drove to Tapawingo Park.

I decided to take a "short cut" through Happy Hollow Park, starting at the pedestrian entrance from Salisbury. We immediately encountered a walker with his older Husky. We talked for awhile and I hope to hear from him again. Then we ventured into the park...I didn't realize how challenging it would be. There were lots of steps and then the path turned to single-track on steep hillside. I experimented with trying to run ahead of the dogs and then letting three go in front and three behind me. Splitting worked well.

Dexter had been a bit of a pain, always pulling hard to the right, so I connected him to Bob. That usually works well but he got a little loopy a couple times and once he even fell off a small bridge, dragging Bob along with him. They were hanging by their collars (but able to stand) for awhile as I tried to get the other dogs stable. Bob slipped out of his collar and I was horrified to think of trying to chase him through the park with the five other dogs. Fortunately he quickly returned to me! I gave him some water and tightened his collar. After that incident it was fairly uneventful. We had a pleasant run downhill and along the river to the park.

I stopped at the edge of the park to call Kitty but we were already starting to draw a crowd. That's how it was the whole time; we could barely move because people were constantly wanting to pet the dogs and ask about them. I enjoyed it and I think the dogs did too. Lots of children came to greet the dogs and everyone behaved beautifully. We saw some other dogs and a little one visited us. I don't know how much of a difference the short run made but I couldn't have asked for our pack to have done better.

After Kitty had her fill of art I ran the boys to Puccini's to meet her for lunch. The dogs all seemed ready to get into the Jeep so I left them there while we ate with friends who we noticed were also eating outside. Our waiter was generous with water - the dogs quickly drained a couple pitchers.

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