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Bozo, CGC

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-08-21 01:22

Bozo finally passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!

date: 2009-08-20 (4419 days ago)

dogs: Bozo/Bo, T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby

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I just returned from California a couple days ago and have not had much opportunity to work with Bozo. This afternoon I let him out to play with T-bone, took him with me to unload more stuff from the plane, and then we went to Petsmart for a bit. Bo always seems to find fans at Petsmart and another driver even asked me about him as we drove home. Bozo came home with me and ate alongside the house dogs before returning to Klondike Canine Academy for the test.

For a long time I've known that Bozo gets cranky when he doesn't get fed on time. When he's in the kennel he's fed regularly around 4:00. Each time that I've tested him I've delayed his dinner quite a bit and he loses his patience with me. Feeding him made a huge difference. He was much more relaxed and consistent.

The weather this evening was gorgeous and Bo was perfect as we waited for the test. It helped immensely to go first this time. Bo did really well and lulled me into complacency. Then he forged during the "distraction dog" exercise! He's never interested in the other dog; it was obvious he wanted to check out the handler, Rick. Darn. Fortunately he cruised through the rest of the test and I was given the option of retesting the failed exercise after everyone else finished.

I was quite happy with Bozo's performance anyway and I took him out to play with Leia, who was waiting to test. They had a great time and Kitty brought T-bone to join them. Finally I got to retest with Bozo and we made it! CGC!

For fun, I also tried T-bone but he was too jumpy; he wanted to greet everyone. Oh, well. He already passed Pet Partners so that's not a problem but I'd like to get his CGC someday.

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