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Bozo tries a home.

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-12-30 18:03

Bozo goes home with Tanner for vacation.

date: 2008-12-30 (4653 days ago)

dogs: Bozo/Bo, Huntley, T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby

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A wonderful volunteer has been asking to host Bozo ever since her dog, Tanner, played with him. She's still on vacation this week and her Christmas guests have departed so yesterday I went to her house and installed a temporary fence.

Last night we tended the kennel dogs as usual. Bizou and Eli joined our guys. Bizou continues to blossom. She usually sticks close to me and it's fun to watch her as we stand in the middle of "the racetrack" as my guys run a figure-8 through the kennel yard. She's always shied away from their thunderous galloping but now she's showing interest, leaning forward and watching intently, following them as they pass. A couple of times she even ran after them! It's remarkable how different she feels. Instead of being resistant and withdrawn, I can easily guide, move, and lift her pliant body. I enjoy Bizou.

Eli has only come out with our pack a few times but he's already become playful. His kennel card says he's to play with dogs "30-40 lbs." and all of our guys are at least twice that size but he's getting the hang of it. He has gone from sticking close to the door and cowering at their approach to running after them and inviting play. Last night he was especially enjoying T-bone, playing with him most of the time he was outside.

Normally T-bone and Huntley play all the time but with Eli getting T-bone's attention Huntley was more available to me and Bozo. I don't feel like I've gotten to spend much time with Huntley so I appreciated being face to face with him - except when he jumped into my face and we met tooth-to-tooth. (Fortunately I had my Invisaligns on!) I lightly corrected him and he seemed to immediately understand that jumping wasn't appropriate. After that he would come look at me but stay seated. Although it's taken much more work, Bozo is generally doing the same. He had a great "sit for attention" when he arrived and we've been practicing it. He still gets excited and breaks it sometimes but he generally does an awesome job. Bozo and Huntley did get to play rough with each other though and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Tanner arrived toward the end of our visit. He came in the yard with everyone and then we started returning dogs to their runs until only Bozo remained. They both came inside with us as I handled the checkout paperwork, gathered food, etc. Then Kitty jumped in the car with them to go to the foster house while I returned home to grab a crate (which I'd neglected to bring with me). By the time I arrived at the foster house Tanner and Bozo were outside enjoying the fenced area. I assembled the crate and threw a chew treat inside. When the dogs came inside Bozo went right into the crate uninvited and stayed there, enjoying the treat. (Yea!)

I decided to wait until this morning to write about this because I wanted to hear how the night went first. I always encourage foster homes to call me anytime and it would have been easy to take Bozo back to the kennel but it wasn't necessary. Bozo's foster mom survived the night but did encounter some rough spots. She spent the night on the sofa next to Bozo's crate so that he'd relax. In the morning he did have an accident (while roaming free) in the house. Bozo pulled during the first half of his morning walk but then got the message that it was not appropriate and heeled. And during breakfast he growled at her to protect his food. She took the food from him without incident and hand fed him the rest. What a great home! I'm sure Bozo will be a challenge but this is a great environment for him and will give us much better insight in finding a suitable adoptive home.

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