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Bozo's slumber party

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-03-14 21:09

Bozo sleeps over with Sunny and Leia.

date: 2009-03-14 (4610 days ago)

dogs: Bozo/Bo, Sunny

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I was a little surprised when Sunny's adoptive family responded to a message I posted about dogs being available for foster over Spring Break. What surprised me even more was that they chose to take Bozo home with them! The whole family came to playgroups yesterday to meet everyone and pick a dog for an overnighter. I was thinking Huntley or T-bone would be a good match but they really appreciated Bozo. They do well with the two dogs they have already so I thought they could handle him but I was still cautious. They left playgroups with the three dogs and a big bag of food.

I didn't bring Bozo's harness to playgroups so I took it that night along with a tug line so he could take a tire walk in the morning. Bozo was getting a walk when I arrived and he seemed energetic as usual. He'd marked a couple times and had an accident in the house already. I offered to take him back to the kennel, of course, but they declined.

This morning I learned that he really protested about being left anywhere else in the house at night but settled as soon as he was allowed in the bedroom with everyone else. There weren't any problems overnight.

Bo joined us at playgroups so we talked more about his stay and I was pleased to hear that he got along well with the other dogs, even submitting to Sunny when they played. As I warned, he's still a bit protective about his food and water but did not become a problem. On their tire walk this morning Bo zipped along with his tire and Sunny tried to keep up while pulling his own tire. Sunny was very "tired" at the end of the walk.

I'm pleased to hear that Bo did so well in a home setting with other dogs. He does take a lot of management but he's a lot of fun too.

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