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CGC testing

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-09-24 20:13

Buddy and Huntley become Canine Good Citizens.

date: 2009-04-09 (4552 days ago)

dogs: Bozo/Bo, Buddy, Huntley, T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby

I spent much of the afternoon at the kennel, working with dogs. Kati took Huntley on a walk shortly before the CGC test.  I'd requested volunteers through our Facebook group and we had a bunch of helpers.

I took Buddy first and he breezed through the test just like the first time he took it. This time, however, he nailed the "supervised separation." He's still my "Velcro dog" but I've been working with him on long downs with me out of sight. I put him in a down and he did break it but he remained relaxed. Yea!

Kati had been holding Huntley and he was still very active. I took him into the ring and he quickly focused. Down and stay were problems last time he tested but not today. I was delighted with his performance and he passed with no problems.

Then we moved to the more challenging dogs... Tibby did well for me earlier but had been out playing and was completely loopy while we waited for another dog to test. Although he did really well with most of the exercises he completely botched the down stays.

I wasn't expecting much from Bozo but he did an admiral job. He was very interested in everyone (including the neutral dog) but he did well with the other exercises.

For kicks I tried Cody. If he could have just done a down he would have passed. Bummer!

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