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clinic visit

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-15 18:04

quick visit to the clinic

date: 2008-08-15 (4821 days ago)

dogs: Harley, Judo, Peyton

We're still trying to determine why Harley drinks so much. His samples last week came back normal so today we took another blood sample. I was holding him while Danielle drew the blood and I couldn't even tell when she stuck him. Harley is such a sweetie! They ran the blood sample at the clinic and said his readings were normal so we're going to consult with another vet.

While there I couldn't resist taking the kennel dogs out. Keowee is at Allison's house and apparently Conner is staying with Megan and Tori. That leaves just the feisty boys, Judo and Peyton. We had a good time playing in the beautiful weather.

Judo continues to grow on me. He's still vocal and pushy and occasionally has spats with Peyton but I'm quite comfortable with it now. He's just an excited young Husky, full of energy and bluster. I love it when he stops racing around the yard and hops into my arms. He craves attention but he doesn't seem "needy." I'm a little disappointed that others don't seem to appreciate him like I do but I also enjoy having him available to play. Both Judo and Peyton seem to be handling kenneling well. They seem healthy and content and they go right back into their runs when we're done playing.

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