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Conner returns to the shelter

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-17 20:31

Conner meets a family interested in adopting him

date: 2008-08-17 (4819 days ago)

dogs: Conner, Oscar

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The shelter called a few days ago because a family saw Conner here and is interested in adopting him. They are from the Terre Haute area so we arranged to meet at the shelter today.

I took Oscar, still happy and tired from his run, with me to retrieve Conner from the kennel. I gathered Conner's meds and didn't even bother putting a lead on him. He came out and hopped right into the car. (O.k., he actually scratched at the door a couple times before getting inside because I wasn't quick enough.) Oscar even seemed happy to meet him. Conner is such a fun and easy guy.

On the way to the shelter I just let Conner have the run of the car. Sure, let's say I was spoiling him. I'm going to miss him. He seemed to love the ride and wanted to stick his head out every window, especially mine. He was lively, not out of control, just having fun.

I got a call as I almost reached the shelter a few minutes after they opened. The family interested in Conner was already there. We pulled into the parking lot and I took both dogs inside. I was confident that Oscar would not be a problem.

Conner was an immediate hit with the family, especially the children. And so was Oscar! I was delighted to see them both do so well surrounded by puppies, kittens, adults and children.

There was a delay for Conner's application so the family left after awhile, planning to return soon with their other dog. It'd been weeks since I was at the shelter so I stayed to talk and check out a sweet Malamute on stray side. It was fun to see Oscar show what a great dog he can be. The staff described him as being a little crazy when he was there originally but he was calm and sweet this time.  All he needs is someone to take him on a quick run everyday.  Anyone?

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