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GP pickup

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-03 04:18

Another Great Pyrenees joins us.

date: 2008-09-02 (4843 days ago)

dogs: GP

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 Just before Dexter found a foster home I got a request from Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue to handle another Pyr who was found stray in Starke County. I've been asked why I deal with such a difficult breed and it does seem like a poor investment but although the Pyrs in my life have been challenging they've also been very rewarding. I said I'd do what I can to help this guy.

It took a few attempts to arrange things but I finally met the new guy today at an intersection in the middle of nowhere NW Indiana. I needed to handle some paperwork so I jumped in the van with him. As the door opened I grabbed his collar thinking "I sure hope he doesn't have a collar problem!" He didn't. He was a sweetheart from the start.

We jumped out of the van together and strolled along the corn field at the side of the road before getting into my Jeep. He was easy to walk. Sure, he'd occasionally pull and sometime stop to smell things but he's not the least bit wild or stubborn. He jumped right into the back of the Jeep...or at least he tried. I gave him a boost and he settled right in like it was home. The hour long trip home was completely uneventful although he did like to hang way out the window when I had it down. (Yes, he was tethered.)

I had some business to handle at the clinic so he got to hang out in back with us for about an hour. He had no problems with the sounds and smells in back but he was a little cautious with the people sometimes. It was nothing bad; he just backed away a few times when he was greeted directly.

I uploaded some photos of him while I waited so that Waynetta could name him. I also checked him into the kennel and made an appointment for him to be examined and neutered in the morning. He hopped right on the scales and weighed only 77 pounds. He could stand to gain a bit of weight. Not having a name yet, I just called him the Great Pyr or "LTDR GP." I'd told Waynetta that he was a gentle guy and she suggested that we call him "Gentle Pyr" or simply continue with "GP" for short.

GP is matted down to his skin and his ears are in bad shape. Both have mites, I suspect, and one is swollen nearly closed. He's very patient with my prodding. The doctors are going to work on his ears while he's under anesthesia tomorrow and we'll shave him later. A bath will have to wait a week or so. That's a shame; he could really use one.

I'm looking forward to working with this guy. I don't yet have a firm grasp on his personality but it'll be fun to discover it.

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