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Harley comes alive!

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-21 13:01

Harley's health seems to be restored.

date: 2008-08-21 (4815 days ago)

dogs: Harley

When I met Harley he was fairly somber. He got even slower following his heartworm treatment. It was common for me to (literally!) drag him across the floor in order to move him. When I let the dogs outside he'd go (barely) to the edge of the porch, relieve himself and return.

Harley has been showing substantial improvement over the last few weeks but today it's becoming especially obvious. Instead of always being so "serious" Harley is now like a big playful puppy. He often pushes the other dogs a bit and invites them to play. He'll sometimes even hop and spin!

I've long worried that Harley's beautiful personality was just a result of his depressed health and that when his health was restored he'd be incorrigible. As he's gotten better I've tried to push him repeatedly by doing things I know he doesn't enjoy (like removing "eye goobers" and grabbing/restraining his paws). I can be fairly rough and get him to show obvious aversion but he never takes it out on me.

This gentle nature continues to show with the other dogs. Harley will push and even gnaw on the other dogs but he does it gently and without any malice. I'm sure the other dogs would respond if Harley was playing the least bit inappropriately but they don't. Instead, they take turns being the aggressors.

Harley has found his voice, literally and figuratively, but he continues to be a good guy. I'm sure he'll be a bit more challenging in some ways now that his health has been restored but I look forward to enjoying Happy Harley.

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