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harvest begins

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-10-07 12:10

I take Crockett to the fields.

date: 2008-10-06 (4769 days ago)

dogs: Crockett, Delaney, Dobky, GP


We began harvesting today. Because we're doing soybeans and I have a spiffy semi truck now, I decided I should be able to handle it as the only driver. Kitty was home with our dogs so I wanted to take a kennel dog with me. I've wanted some one-on-one time with Crockett so I picked him up around noon. He was fabulous in the car; he stayed in the back, didn't make a sound and seemed relaxed.

I misunderstood when Dad was leaving for town so I was a bit hurried when I arrived at the farm. Crockett and I jumped in the truck with Dad for a lift to the shop where a grain truck had been repaired. Crockett was excited to meet Dad at first but once I got Crockett positioned he was fine. We bailed out at the highway and walked a bit to the shop. Crockett pulled, of course, but he seemed to at least have the notion of heeling and I encouraged him to hang back with me. When I went inside to get the key for the truck I don't think the woman behind the counter saw Crockett...until he put his paws on the counter. It didn't seem to bother her and Crockett was being good-natured. We hopped in the grain truck and Crockett again settled for the ride. He's remarkably relaxed for a dog who has been kenneled and not usually allowed to play with the others.

After dropping the grain truck in the field we headed back to the house to get my semi. Again, Crockett pulled quite a bit for the first half mile but then settled into a decent heel. At the house I left Crockett in my Jeep while I wrangled the semi into position. That took awhile but he seemed content. Crockett also got to meet Dad's dog. The boys had no problems with each other although they wanted to play more than my lead would allow.

Crockett made himself comfortable in the back of the semi and we headed to the field. We met our neighbor's dog there and Crockett did well with him too. We had time to wait for the other truck to be filled so I came back and settled on the bunk to do some work. Crockett joined me a couple times but was never pushy.

When the smaller truck was ready we took it to the elevator. I wanted to check on contracts after I dumped so I took Crockett inside with me. He pulled a bit but was easy to manage in the tight office spaces and, as always, kept quiet. Back at the farm we returned to work in the semi until it was full. I marveled at how well Crockett does. He's always quiet and relaxed, a great companion.

After I returned Crockett to his kennel that night I released the other dogs. I had a report that T-bone (wearing an e-collar) got loose and had a fight with GP (who was on a trolley line) that day but they were fine until they got outside. They got a bit growly with each other a few times but it was easy to manage. Both dogs seemed a bit desperate for attention so I tried to provide it. Peyton and Delaney were doing their usual - Peyton was zooming and Delaney kept checking in with me, just looking for an ear scratch. After I got the guys back in their kennels I pulled Crockett again for one last outing before going home.

I get frustrated when these guys get into fights but it's a joy to spend time with them. They're all such wonderful dogs who just need more attention. It will be a challenge to provide that during harvest but I'm looking forward to pulling one of them each day for awhile.

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