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little dogs at AHHS

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-20 14:03

Kyler is asked to check small dogs at AHHS.

date: 2008-09-16 (4789 days ago)

dogs: Chewie

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I was at the farm when I got an e-mail from AHHS informing me that they have some little dogs for me to see. Some errands delayed me but I had a little time at the end of the day so I thought I'd take a quick look. There were two who had been in wall cages in the garage for awhile, a Jack Russel Terrier mix and a cute white dog.

I took the JRT mix out first. He was very active as should be expected from the breed but he was easy to handle and had a nice disposition. I liked him and I thought that his wire coat would not shed much.

Next was the white/cream dog. I'd just been telling someone how I avoid the brachycephalic breeds and here I was looking at this short-nosed guy. I was looking for a reason to leave him. He seemed comfortable being held but I put him on the ground and he stayed right with me on-leash. I don't think he made a single noise other than some minor sniffles which bothered me a bit. (Bizet/Bastian, a recent AHHS dog, had kennel cough so I was extra sensitive to it.) We played and walked for awhile and I just couldn't find anything wrong with this dog. As we came through the garage I was cruel to the JRT; I gave him some attention and then turned to leave with the white dog. The JRT started barking. I know he needs to be in an environment where he can be more active but I wasn't ready to commit to him. I decided to leave him...for now.

In the lobby I watched the white dog with the cats (no interest) and other people. He was adorable. He'd been there over a week and even though I work with these wonderful dogs all the time I was still amazed that no one adopted him. I decided to take him with me. While the staff gave the white dog a last minute vaccination and put together paperwork Brenda asked if I'd like to see a couple Huskies. She knows how to press my buttons.

The two Husky boys roomed together and had beautiful black/white coats to match their personalities. We let them run for a bit and they were a delight. I expected them to be a little nutty or at least vocal/frustrated but they were quite congenial. I'd love to handle these dogs and if there was snow on the ground I would have squeezed them into our program. But I have three wonderful Huskies waiting for homes already and I've been declining Huskies for months. It was hard to say goodbye to these guys.

The little white dog was ready when I returned. I found a collar for him and we walked out to the car, stopping for a couple quick photos. He amazed me by being so calm and docile. I don't expect the little guys to be like that after being in a cage for awhile. This one was just perfect; he acted like he was completely comfortable with me. On the ride to the kennel he was alert and interested but eventually sacked out on a cushion.

Before deciding to take this dog I'd called ahead to the clinic and confirmed that there was a space in the isolation room for him. When we arrived he went straight there until he could be checked by a doctor. Still not a peep out of him, even when I looked through the window at him later. This is quite a dog.

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