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meeting Oscar

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-17 20:52

I met Oscar for a run.

date: 2008-08-17 (4819 days ago)

dogs: Oscar, Sarge/Bob/Calder


I was contacted a couple days ago because a foster home was having trouble with a biting dog. Uh oh. I really didn't want to get involved with a dog who bites but this was a special situation. I was told that the dog only "play bites"; he bites without puncturing skin when he's excited. It's not an aggressive behavior.

I rode my trike to Celery Bog with Bob to meet Oscar. Oscar was all snarls and snaps about Bob. Bob was wonderful though! It is not his nature but Bob backed off and trusted me to handle the situation. We muzzled Oscar and still he came at Bob. I wrestled him in an attempt to quiet him but he wouldn't discontinue. Finally I got him in harness and in position to run.

It took a few tries to get him moving forward instead of at Bob but once he started to run the issue with Bob disappeared. We ran about a mile to Wal-mart and on the return leg I decided that he'd had enough of the muzzle. I reached over and unclipped it while we were moving at a good pace. No change. Eventually I decided he'd be fine and pulled it completely off of him.

After a couple miles Oscar seemed to have his fill. We stopped in the shade and he was panting hard. He had no interest in Bob and he seemed happy to take some water from me. His pads were wearing and tender so I decided to just walk the dogs home after a long break. Oscar didn't seem to have a "slow" setting though. He ran/trotted the rest of the way home.

At home I hitched him to the car and brought a few bowls of water to him. He quickly drained them. I decided to delay introductions to the other dogs until later because I need to get Conner to the shelter. I realized, however, that after the initial meeting (when I was wearing gloves!) he showed no interest in biting at me.  (I wouldn't say that he was biting at me initially anyway.  He was just interested in Bob.  He had plenty of chances to bite me but he didn't, even when I put my hand in his mouth.)

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