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by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-02-21 21:18

Dogs are doing well.

date: 2009-02-14 (4638 days ago)

dogs: Buddy, Dexter, Dobky, Marty

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This afternoon Buddy and I attended the "Petite Pals" playgroup session for little dogs. It's quite a difference for me to be around the small dogs and I'm working hard to teach Buddy not to jump. Buddy does as well with the little dogs as the big guys. After playgroup we let the kennel dogs run with Buddy. Marty was still difficult to lasso but he did well out on-lead with the others. When I took Marty inside I tried feeding him by hand but he would only eat food I dropped on the floor near me. Anna is doing well with everyone although Rodney still gives her a bit too much attention.

At 3:00 Kitty and I took Dobky, Dexter and Buddy to meet two students and make the rounds at University Place. Dexter was highly driven but we did alright and they especially enjoyed playing in the courtyard.

After dinner tonight we headed back to the kennel. This time I let Marty out off-lead with the rest of the dogs. He is definitely warming to me, nosing me a couple times and also initiating play with me...from a distance. I wasn't sure how I'd get Marty back into his run but he followed us as we returned other dogs. I tried feeding him again and he readily took the food right from my hand gently. We're doing much better.

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