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rewards of rescue

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-10 18:38

It's a joy to help dogs help people.

date: 2008-09-10 (4795 days ago)

dogs: Bizet/Bastian


When I first saw Bizet I had a special family in mind for him. It's dangerous to have a plan to place a dog with a specific family, especially friends, but I really wanted to make it work. Kitty and I delivered Bizet to this family a couple nights ago and last night we visited him (along with Marley) to see how he'd done.

We met Bizet, now Bastian, returning from a walk with his girl. Seeing him in his new home was quite a treat. He'd improved dramatically while at our house the night we pulled him from the kennel but now he reminded me of some delightful small dogs I've known who have grown up with their families. He was relaxed and confident and had been behaving wonderfully. Normally I try to impress upon new families that they need to keep constant close supervision of new dogs but here was a dog who was free to roam the house yet kept near his people. He seemed like he'd been there all his life.

I'd come equipped to torture the little guy a bit. I brought my rotary tool, armored gloves, muzzle collection, and...plenty of raw meat. We were ready for some nail trimming. Bastian was not so happy about the exercise but the girls all fed him meat pieces. We made it through without much trouble and didn't even use a muzzle.

Kitty and I had planned to go to dinner after doing nails but we were invited to stay for wine...and cheese...then salad and pizza...and dessert all appeared. We had a wonderful night relaxing with everyone. I couldn't get over how comfortable Bastian appeared to be with his new family.

Today Kitty thanked our hosts for the evening. Here's an excerpt from their response: "Bastian (short for Sebastian) is such a blessing, he had a tremendous impact for the better in our family: he calms us, and makes us look at each other with a new tenderness. We needed him and we did not know it."

Helping all these dogs involves a lot of work, some frustration and heartache, an occasional bite, and a bit of money. That all seems like a tiny investment when we get a payoff like this.

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