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shaving GP

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-04 04:29

GP's skin can breathe again.

date: 2008-09-03 (4802 days ago)

dogs: GP

p1040219 p1040222 p1040223

This morning I headed to the feed store to buy a clipper. I was thinking that if I got a great one I could give GP a quick buzz and bath before his surgery. While at the store I got a call that he'd been bumped from surgery so I'd have until Friday. That gave me plenty of time to do the job...and I'd need it.

I started around 10:00, combing GP's head while I was on a business call. I didn't want to shave his head and I decided I'd done enough to keep it. I clipped at GP wherever he'd let me. Finally he was lying still and by 11:45 I had a small patch down to the skin. A lunch meeting with a prospective therapy dog person took me away for an hour but then I returned to clipping. I started to make good headway through the mats. It was dense and tough going. It reminded me of Neopolitan ice cream: a thick layer of dark dirty fur, another layer of bright white undercoat, and pink skin. The fur really needed to go.

We took a lot of breaks and things went well until the end - GP's end. He got very agitated when I clipped near his butt and tail. He doesn't seem to mind me holding or touching him there but anytime I started clipping, even with scissors, he'd buck. Finally I tied him and just hurried through it. I hated to bother him like that but it needed to be done before surgery, otherwise it would have to wait another week or so. Despite GP's displeasure with me bothering his bum, he never made any movements toward me even though he had plenty of opportunities to make contact.

GP was happy to climb into the tub for a treat but didn't want to stay there. He was even more distraught by the water but he did alright until I needed to do his head. We finished by 6:00 and GP seemed comfortable with his exposed skin. I turned him out in back for his final outing before returning him to his kennel for dinner.

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