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Slayter concert

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-07-27 11:52

Kitty and I took Anna, GP and Jacks to Slayter Hill for a concert.

date: 2009-07-26 (4444 days ago)

dogs: Anna, GP, Jacks

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Kitty was out of town but returned in time for us to see some friends perform a benefit concert at Slayter Hill. I dashed out to the kennel to relieve everyone there and then brought Anna, GP and Jacks with me. We arrived after the concert started but the dogs had no problems. (They went to another concert there recently.)

The dogs went to another concert at Slayter about a week ago and got lots of attention from kids. This time there weren't (m)any kids but we did get visits from a few adults. The dogs did beautifully although Anna panted hard the whole time despite the weather being gorgeous and fairly cool. Kitty even warmed up to Jacks, taking him with her when she deposited a donation on stage.

We stayed a bit after the concert to chat with friends and then headed to Puccini's for dinner. It took a few minutes to get everyone situated but then Anna and GP rested on their mat perfectly and Jacks relaxed under the table (clipped to my shoe) while we ate. It was a beautiful evening.

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