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three remaining dogs pass Pet Partners test

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-09-22 10:10

Bozo, Anna, and Buddy pass Delta Society Pet Partners evaluation.

date: 2009-09-20 (4460 days ago)

dogs: Anna, Bozo/Bo, Buddy


Caring Paws again held Delta Society Pet Partners evaluations at the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette. I scheduled three spots for the last of our dogs to test.

Bozo went first because he's always a handful. I've had some problems with him in previous DSPP and CGC tests but I modified my approach for this one. Instead of taking him out of the kennel for a long public outing and lots of exercise I just let him run at the park for awhile with the other dogs. At the test I made sure he went early so he wasn't stressed by waiting for hours. And most importantly, I fed him before the test. It took way too long but I finally realized that he was past his feeding time during other tests - not a good thing for Bo, who has a rigid schedule at the kennel.

During the test the big guy did a super job. He takes some management but he seemed fairly content. The most difficult part was the "neutral dog" but that was largely because the "neutral dog" wasn't so neutral on her first time in this role. Bo didn't even look at her on our second attempt. It's going to take awhile before I'm super confident with him in a crowd but I was quite pleased by his performance. I look forward to watching him improve once he's out of the kennel.  He'll be an especially useful asset during our visits to Cumberland Elementary when they start studying the Iditarod.

After Bozo's test I quickly drove him back to the kennel (where he really needed to relieve himself) and returned just in time for the next test. I'd wanted to take Anna next but I needed to spend some time grooming her so I decided to grab Buddy instead. Fortunately Kitty had been brushing Anna so she was all ready to go.

Anna was a breeze to test. Again, the neutral dog was a bit of an issue but she was just interested. Everything else was easy; she stuck right next to me without much management at all. And of course she loves getting attention from everyone.

I saved Buddy for last as my reward for a long afternoon. He was a delight and had no problems with any of the tests. We got dinged because I was having too much fun with him while walking and he jumped/pranced at my hand a few times but I like that and don't intend to discourage it.

We had lots of new volunteer helpers and I enjoyed getting to show such a varied group of dogs to them. The helpers were very appreciative of the dogs and we all had a good time. I'm excited that everyone has now passed DSPP!

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