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Tibby is a Pet Partner

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-05-04 20:05

Tibby and I passed the Delta Society Pet Partners test in Indianapolis.

date: 2009-05-02 (4561 days ago)

dogs: Buddy, T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby

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Tibby (T-bone) and I have not fared well in our tests. We've tried Canine Good Citizen and Delta Society Pet Partners but he wasn't the primary dog getting my training attention at the time and I neglected to give him the preparation he needed. I scheduled the test today in Indy thinking it would give me the incentive to concentrate on his training but the Dead Week Dogs event took most of my energies. Fortunately Kati took the initiative to schedule some training for Tibby a couple days ago after I took him to Tractor Supply Company for an outing. Tibby quickly learned to flip around to get a treat from me each time Kati walked near him and I called his name. I've been working on down stays when I feed Tibby and he was also able to do those vastly better than he had demonstrated in other tests (where he'd roll over and pop up).

Today Kitty, Buddy and I went to the kennel around 9:30. I let all my dogs there go out to play for awhile before loading Tibby. He was a bit restless in the car as we headed to Indy so I took a detour and let him run on a county road. At first I let him run off-lead but he quickly ran to some houses and I got to chase him on foot for awhile. Then I put him on the Flexi and he ran over a mile beside the car. He was ready to rest when he got back in the car.

At the church where the tests are held Tibby was still pretty excited but I worked with him right up to our turn. Kitty and Buddy observed right next to the testing area. I dumped my treats but kept my treat pouch attached just in case I needed to fake a treat but it wasn't necessary. Tibby was very active during the entire test but it was easy for me to get his attention. He loves to go to people so I had to manage his jumping (mostly by holding him up so he was right in people's faces). Mostly he rolled over on his back for belly scratches but I had no problems calling him away from those scratches for the recall test. Finally, Gayle was feeling evil today and used a stuffed black cat that makes "meow" sounds for the "leave it" test. Tibby had failed "leave it" spectacularly last time but this time it was easy to call him away from the cat. What a great dog!

We were the last test so we went to lunch with Gayle afterward. I was quite relieved to have passed and enjoyed getting to chat with Gayle a bit about both our programs. She was headed to a hospital visit with Charlie and mentioned she'd meant to trim his nails. I had my Dremel in the car so I quickly trimmed him while my guys continued to relax. After Gayle left I let the guys run a bit in the grass by the road. Buddy does great off-lead. I kept Tibby on the Flexi but he was still very responsive when I'd call to him.

Back in West Lafayette, we got the house dogs and headed to playgroups. We mixed in the kennel dogs and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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