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two more CGCs

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-01-20 04:11

Jack and Aries pass the CGC.

date: 2009-01-19 (4704 days ago)

dogs: Aries, Huntley, Jack, Marley, Sarge/Bob/Calder, T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby

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We've been working hard with the new dogs in preparation for the Canine Good Citizen test. They have been great at interacting with everyone at University Place but I was not feeling confident at all with their ability to pass the test. It takes constant management to keep them on the ground and in a heel position. I decided that Bo would be too much to even manage at the test and concentrated on T-bone and Huntley. I pulled them from the kennel this afternoon and brought them home for a run with Bob and Marley pulling Grazie in the sled. Only Bob and T-bone pulled. Huntley was crazy to run and pulled hard against his collar the whole time. If he was a bit older I would have put him in harness. He'll be a great draft dog someday.

I met Waynetta and Aries before the test and Stan soon joined us. Aries played well with Huntley and T-bone but they were all still full of energy when we headed into the barn. It took a lot of management just to keep them somewhat still and quiet during the test. Waynetta and Aries went first and did an amazing job. I was surprised to look up and see that Waynetta did not put Aries into a sit when she met the "stranger with the neutral dog." Aries crossed to greet the other dog, failing that exercise. He got through the rest of it, though, including "supervised separation" which had been such trouble for him earlier.

I decided to try with Huntley next so I could get him back to the kennel and concentrate on T-bone. Huntley did surprisingly well. I was so impressed with him that I was a bit shocked when he wouldn't hold a stay. Of course we hadn't worked on this so I should have expected it. I hope I wasn't too pushy with him before I stopped the exercise. We continued with the rest of the test and the only problem he had was...again...another "stay" ("supervised separation"). He pulled hard as soon as I left the room. We'll have time to work on this as Huntley matures.

Jack and Cheyenne tested and made it look so easy. It's obvious that they've worked together and developed a close relationship. Watching a dog from such a rough background flourish as a beautifully groomed family member is a joy.

Finally it was my turn to test with T-bone. It was remarkably similar to Huntley's test; T-bone was attentive and did well at everything, staying at my side, dropping into sits, and lunging into downs. He amused the crowd by rolling over on his downs but I got frustrated because he'd pop back up and follow me if I left. I gave up on the exercise but we continued with the rest of the test and he breezed through it. I was told that was especially well-behaved during the supervised separation.

Aries and Waynetta had an opportunity to retry the neutral dog exercise after everyone else finished. They passed this time, of course. Aries showed an interest in the other dog but that was all.

Two more LTDR CGCs! I'm not just delighted to have these dogs do so well, it's also a treat to have more dogs covered under our insurance for LTDR events.

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