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visiting JCAS

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-10-01 02:40

a quick visit to Jasper County Animal Shelter

date: 2008-09-25 (4748 days ago)

dogs: T-bone/Tiburon/Tibby


Kitty and I were in Rensselaer for a funeral and discovered that the service started much later than we were originally told so we handled some errands. I drove a grain truck to a shop by the Interstate and on the way back to town...well, I just couldn't drive by the shelter without taking a look. Kitty doesn't usually join me in visiting shelters because the situation disturbs her too much so this would be a little different.

I knew that there was a GSD at the shelter along with a white Husky. I have three wonderful Huskies available already so I was really trying to avoid getting another but the GSD certainly had my attention. T-bone, the GSD, was full of energy and not terribly interested in me. I kept him on lead because I'd heard he had escape tendencies but I walked him a bit outside. I took him to the cat room and he was very intent but I'm not sure that he was in prey mode. T-bone was adopted from the shelter recently but returned because he reportedly snapped at his adopter while wrestling (but did not make contact).

Next was Eli, the Husky. Eli was known to be good with children and not with cats. He's all white, with blue eyes, and already neutered. He was Kitty's pick but I just wasn't seeing it. I liked him but not enough.

We left both dogs but I passed along Eli's information to rescue and asked to be called before anything happened to T-bone.

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