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welcoming Bizet

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-21 14:03

another small dog joins us

date: 2008-08-20 (4816 days ago)

dogs: Bizet/Bastian, Judo, Peyton

p1040167 p1040169

Kitty gives me a lot of grief because she always tells me to get small dogs and I end up with big guys. When I was at AHHS with Conner and Oscar I learned that the shelter had a bunch of small dogs in small cages in the garage because they had no space for them elsewhere. I took a look and immediately noticed Bizet. He seemed like a nice guy but I was busy with the other dogs so I didn't spend much time at all with him then.

I returned to the shelter this morning to check Bizet. He seems like a happy amenable guy and he's not yappy. I got him to the clinic and asked that he be groomed and get a medical checkout while I was out celebrating Kitty's birthday. We returned to find a "naked" dog ((He was terribly matted.) but he's a sweetie.

We learned that he has a lump on his side and it's tender so we're going to have that checked when he's neutered.  Before we left him at the kennel I pulled Peyton and Judo to let them all play for awhile.  All three of the dogs did well together.  Bizet did not seem to be intimidated by them.

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