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white dogs come home

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-09-12 00:13

Dexter returns and Bizet joins him

date: 2008-09-08 (4837 days ago)

dogs: Bizet/Bastian, Dexter


Dexter spent a week with Onyx and her owner and returned home with us after playgroups yesterday. It sounded like he did alright but was too controlling of Onyx inside. I've seen him start to do that at home and I neglected to warn of this behavior.

Bizet has been at the kennel for a couple weeks and seemed stressed. It didn't help that he was in isolation for the first week due to concern he might have kennel cough. He was neutered about a week ago and was getting along well but he was straining and had loose stools, and he had lots of "eye gunk" and tear stains. And he's soooo needy. I wanted to give him some attention.

I had a family in mind ever since I saw Bizet. I contacted them to see if they had any interest and they came to playgroups yesterday to meet Bizet. Bizet was in rough shape and certainly didn't look his best but they decided they'd like to work with him. The family needed to finish some painting at home before Bizet arrives so we took him home for the night. I thought it would be good for us to get a better idea of his in-home habits before he goes out anyway.

I'm pleased to report that Bizet has been a jewel at home. Bob (the Husky) is constantly eyeing him but they're doing well. (Bizet is on the bed next to me as I type. Bob is lying on the floor watching him intently.) Bizet had no accidents or even close calls while he was free in the house. He sticks very close to me at all times so it's easy to keep an eye on him but he was good about relieving himself when he went out with the other dogs. He was still straining last night with loose stools but this morning Kitty reported he was doing great!

Last night Bizet stayed in a plastic kennel while we went to dinner and slept in it overnight. He goes into it without a fuss but does bark/whine for awhile. Once he settled last night that was it - we slept through the night! (That's a first in a very long time.)

This morning as I started the shower Bizet poked his head in it so I invited him to join me. He seemed to enjoy getting bathed. After working with the big dogs who buck and pace in the tub it was a wonderful change to have a little dog who just stands in place and savors the cleaning. Kitty towel dried Bizet and in a few minutes he was in bed rolling in the pillows but already dry.

Like so many small dogs, Bizet likes to jump on people, especially when big dogs surround him. I'm working on that. He does like to simply be held. (Right now he's holding my arm with his front legs and resting his head on my belly and laptop.) I think Bizet is going to make a great family dog.

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