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by Kyler Laird last modified 2010-03-27 16:55

Newfoundland Dog, male, boarded for South Central Newfoundland Club Rescue

joined us: 2009-12-12 (4337 days ago)

This dog has been adopted.

2009-12-13: Chief joins us by Kyler Laird
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I've wanted to board dogs for other rescues for a long time. At the tree pull I renewed my offer to help South Central Newfoundland Club Rescue. Later that week I heard from the coordinator, Virginia, that an intact adult male needed a place to stay for awhile. I'm not enthusiastic about working with intact males but my facility makes it fairly easy to separate dogs. I agreed to handle Chief.

Virginia brought Chief to West Lafayette yesterday (Saturday) and was very gracious about waiting in the parking lot of the hotel where Kitty and I were attending a shareholders meeting. The meeting ran much later than I expected but Virginia and Chief both seemed quite relaxed. I had no problems leashing the big guy but he was a handful to walk. Unlike the Northern dogs who are always trying to pull away somewhere, Chief kept zig-zagging across my path.

It took awhile to load Chief in my Jeep. He planted himself firmly each time I tried to load him in the back. I finally asked Kitty to kill the engine and he hopped right inside. He rode quietly the short distance to Menard's where I quickly bought clamps to better secure the fence. On the way home he remained calm and quiet.

At the kennel I released him in back on his own then put him in his cage while I released the other dogs. They were all very interested in him of course but he seem undisturbed by all the barking. It did shock him enough once when I was walking him that he planted himself. I like that reaction.

That night I bought some cheap scissors and took a first pass at removing Chief's dreadlocks. It's quite an experience to work all over such a large intact dog. He was amazingly calm and patient with me. Good dog.

Chief was quiet all night and seemed content to stay in his run while I was in the living area.   He did get excited each time I went through the cycle of releasing dogs, of course, but I think he just wanted to be with everyone else.  (Incidentally, that night I received permission from the City of Rensselaer to run a kennel at this location!)

This morning I fed Chief a little by hand and let him out on his own again. Then I left for a party. I was gone about six hours and was quite concerned that the dogs, especially Chief, would need relief before I returned. I was delighted to discover everyone was clean and happy when I arrived. After outings, I fed everyone and was pleased that Chief has already learned that he just needs to sit for food. He's a quick study and extremely gentle; my hand is covered with drool after feeding him but even when I'm very sloppy with my hand position he hardly even grazes me with his teeth.

This guy has surprised me. If I didn't know he was intact I would guess that he's not. He has a wonderful Newfie temperament.

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