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by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-07-24 15:54

Great Pyrenees, male

joined us: 2007-07-10 (5263 days ago)

This dog has been adopted.

more photos of Gus


Gus is a soulful fellow who came to us terribly thin, malnourished, and quite matted. He had been surrendered by his owners to the Jasper County Animal Shelter.


Gus is still much lighter than we'd like but he has a big heart (and head!). Gus has conflicts with some other dominant males but has not injured anyone. Even though he and Morgan play very rough Gus craves the play and will often take a slightly submissive role with Morgan to initiate or resume the play.

Gus barks at "outsiders" he can see from the fenced kennel area but has never had any problem with the staff and volunteers who handle him. In his foster home he has exhibited some strong territorial behaviors. It doesn't seem to be directed at any type of person, just "intruders." After proper introductions he becomes a soothing friend.


Gus heels, waits to go through doors, sits and downs fairly well. On his first CGC test he failed only the stay and recall (which had not yet been practiced).

Gus has been on visits to University Place and he is relaxed in that environment and enjoys interacting with the residents. Although there are lots of people coming and going there he has not been at all defensive. Gus welcomes everyone to pet him and will often offer his head as a lap warmer.


Gus spent several months in the kennel and did well there but was not gaining significant weight. Recently he visited a foster home and gained weight but then refused to eat when he returned and lost what he'd gained. Now he's back in foster care and eating well and gaining weight again.

Gus needs someone to both spoil him and be his leader.

2008-07-17:  For months now Gus has been in a wonderful household where he gets frequent walks and has children visiting daily.  He seems to be adored by most everyone there.  Today he returned to us while his family goes on vacation.  He's big!  Yes, Gus has filled out and looks like a genuine Great Pyr.  It's been interesting to watch him interact with the other dogs, especially Dexter, Harley, and Bob, who he had not met.

2008-03-07: fosters start CGC/TD class by Kyler Laird

P1020523 P1020534 P1020536

Last night Aries, Gus, Marley, Sakari, and Sunny got a little exercise and then started the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog class at Klondike Canine Academy with help from their handlers, Waynetta, Mary, Kitty, Jennifer, and Kyler.

Sakari did a beautiful job for Kyler, largely working off-lead getting a lot of "click-and-treat" for eye contact in sits and downs. Gus was his typical calm and quiet cream puff for Jennifer. The doodles, Marley and Sunny, were excited handfuls for Kitty and Mary. Aries was highly treat motivated but Waynetta succeeded in keeping all of her fingers intact.

We look forward to more training sessions and are interested in working with "guest trainers" who would like to learn along with the dogs.

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