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by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-05-01 16:59

Long-tailed Sleek Dog, male

joined us: 2009-04-28 (4605 days ago)

2009-04-28: Jacks joins us by Kyler Laird
p1000880 p1000885

Jacks has been at the Jasper County Animal Shelter over 45 days. I've visited him a couple times and he's always been surprisingly friendly to me and the dogs. The shelter was full last week when I visited but they said they could hold him for another week. This week I fell behind in my schedule and didn't think I could make it to get him but I was told they were full, getting a "momma and a bunch of kittens," and Jacks was at the head of the list to go. I pulled him.

I put Buddy in charge of Jacks but Buddy only had a collar vs. Jacks's harness and they're both about 10 pounds so Buddy had a hard time convincing him to come outside. I finally picked them up and put them in the car and they did great on the ride home. Jacks did eventually sneak from the back and lie on my lap with Buddy in tow, under my arm.  I usually try to keep Buddy in back but I let it slide this time.

At the clinic Jacks and Buddy were very social and greeted other dogs and people. Jacks is always very relaxed. We stayed at the clinic quite awhile to talk with Layla and then put Jacks in a wall cage in preparation for neuter surgery in the morning.

2009-06-11: Pet Partners tests by Kyler Laird
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Today we had a Caring Paws Pet Partners evaluation at the UUC. Bo and Huntley just passed their six month mark with me so I wanted to test them and even though I've only had Jacks 45 days I wanted him to take the evaluation so he can be covered under my insurance. I knew it would take a lot for Bo to pass so I pulled him and Jacks a couple hours before the test.

I let all the dogs out for quite awhile before taking Bo to the car. He was still way too excited about meeting Jacks so I booted him and let him run alongside the car for a mile or so. We stopped for a long drink before heading to Petsmart (with Bo tethered). He was considerably more relaxed after the run but still a bit too interested in Jacks. Jacks appeared completely oblivious to the danger.

I put Jacks in the bag I got at the AHHS garage sale and tried to get Bo to relieve himself before entering Petsmart. I was a bit concerned about how much he drank after the run. Bo continued to look for Jacks in the car but finally went and then we headed inside. I was a little surprised by how much attention Bo got. Everyone thinks he's such a big dog. (He only weighs about 100 pounds.) He got lots of petting from adults and children, and several dogs greeted him. I was pleased that he did beautifully with everyone and surprised at his lack of interest in other dogs. He was well-behaved even when they weren't.

Bo heeled well as I searched for a new brush for Buddy and another carrier for Jacks. I eventually opened the bag a bit so Jacks could poke out his head. Bo finally figured out Jacks was there and his nose was glued to the bag after that. I was checking out the first carrier I found and eventually put Jacks on the ground next to Bo (who was in a down). They did great together. I was so proud of Bo and impressed with Jacks's demeanor. Even in a busy aisle with lots of wiggly dogs, Jacks was completely cool and Bo was a charmer. After we moved to look at more carriers I put them both down again and they seemed very comfortable with each other.

We got outside and almost made it to the grass when a couple stopped me to ask about Bo. As we talked, Bo released a torrent on the sidewalk. (Fortunately it had started to rain.) We'd spent way too long in the store right after his big drink. I'm so glad he held it - what a trooper! Not bad for a dog who has spent so many months kenneled. On the way to the test Bo was still interested in Jacks but had become much calmer.

At the test I waited as a couple other dogs went and then took Huntley. He's been at a foster home so I don't get to see him much. He'd gotten some great care and I enjoyed handling and snuggling him during the test. Huntley was a handful during the test but he's a great guy and squeaked through it.

It was finally Bo's turn. He took a lot of management and although he was heeling better than usual it was still barely passable. The big surprise of the day was that he had no interest in Pebbles, the neutral dog. That was a huge relief. Things were going great until the exam when Bo...growled??? No, it sounded like a growl at first but it wasn't at all. That became especially evident when he rolled on his back for more. This low rumbling vocalization was new to me from him but he certainly wasn't doing it out of aggression. Still, it would certainly scare someone if he did it on a visit so he failed the test but we continued and he did well. I'm disappointed that the big guy didn't pass but I was delighted by how well he did. I think that I pushed him a bit too hard with a long day out and then lots of waiting in the hall.

Jacks was next. It was my first time taking the test with a carried animal. It was laughably easy. (I felt a little silly doing "out for a walk" while holding Jacks.) Jacks has all his claws and they're quite sharp (in case he needs to use them). I was a bit concerned that he might deploy them by accident during the test but it wasn't a problem at all and he passed the test without incident. I think he'll be a great addition to our visits.

2009-07-26: Slayter concert by Kyler Laird
p1010442 p1010445 p1010455 p1010453 p1010459

Kitty was out of town but returned in time for us to see some friends perform a benefit concert at Slayter Hill. I dashed out to the kennel to relieve everyone there and then brought Anna, GP and Jacks with me. We arrived after the concert started but the dogs had no problems. (They went to another concert there recently.)

The dogs went to another concert at Slayter about a week ago and got lots of attention from kids. This time there weren't (m)any kids but we did get visits from a few adults. The dogs did beautifully although Anna panted hard the whole time despite the weather being gorgeous and fairly cool. Kitty even warmed up to Jacks, taking him with her when she deposited a donation on stage.

We stayed a bit after the concert to chat with friends and then headed to Puccini's for dinner. It took a few minutes to get everyone situated but then Anna and GP rested on their mat perfectly and Jacks relaxed under the table (clipped to my shoe) while we ate. It was a beautiful evening.

2009-08-25: first "Dog Day Tuesday" at Saint Joseph College by Kyler Laird
p1010596 p1010597 p1010599

We took the truck and trailer along with the eight house dogs, GP and Jacks to Rensselaer today. This was the first Dog Day Tuesday at Saint Joseph College. We spent much of the day at Counseling and Health Services. About twenty students visited us there.

We started the day with GP, who was just perfect. Dobky lasted the whole afternoon while we rotated through Jarreau, Bob, Morgan, Marley, and Buddy. I wanted to try Dexter but neglected to get him and I decided against using Jacks and Grazie today.

The dogs were all appreciated but GP, Dobky and Buddy were certainly the standouts.  I'm looking forward to trying Dexter and Anna.

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