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by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-07-24 16:25

Siberian Husky, male

joined us: 2007-10-19 (5090 days ago)

This dog has been adopted.

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Sakari was pulled from Almost Home Humane Society for another rescue group. They didn't have space for him and he turned out to be quite a nice older fellow. He loves attention and although he does well leading a sled he doesn't run off like Huskies typically do. (He does run but not with the typical drive of a Husky...and he's always returned before visiting adjacent counties.)


Sakari has lived in the kennel for months but he is living with Kitty and Kyler and five other dogs. He usually does well but it seems like he would excel in a home where he can get more individual attention. He's looking for a home where he can curl up on the couch and watch TV then settle on the end of the bed for the night.

2008-03-07: fosters start CGC/TD class by Kyler Laird

P1020523 P1020534 P1020536

Last night Aries, Gus, Marley, Sakari, and Sunny got a little exercise and then started the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog class at Klondike Canine Academy with help from their handlers, Waynetta, Mary, Kitty, Jennifer, and Kyler.

Sakari did a beautiful job for Kyler, largely working off-lead getting a lot of "click-and-treat" for eye contact in sits and downs. Gus was his typical calm and quiet cream puff for Jennifer. The doodles, Marley and Sunny, were excited handfuls for Kitty and Mary. Aries was highly treat motivated but Waynetta succeeded in keeping all of her fingers intact.

We look forward to more training sessions and are interested in working with "guest trainers" who would like to learn along with the dogs.

2008-08-08: NLSDR home visit by Kyler Laird

The family who adopted Sakari had planned to get a puppy and now that they're in their new house they located a Malamute mix in a litter handled by Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue. Of course their application was sent to me for a home visit and I was delighted to do it. It was a big treat to see Sakari. I had a hard time taking my eyes off of him. He seemed so relaxed and "at home" there. I've been especially relieved that Sakari has developed a good relationship with the cat. They even play together!

2008-12-24: Christmas Eve by Kyler Laird
p1000336 p1000340

My sister, Renel, is at the farm with a friend. They brought Dad to Lafayette to meet me and Kitty for lunch today. Renel's friend is a dog enthusiast and wanted to see our pack so after lunch I headed home and took the house dogs to the kennel to meet everyone. The dogs did well with each other despite Sakari not knowing any of the kennel dogs. Huntley and Bozo were jumpy when my family arrived so we all headed to the park area so that the dogs could spread and run. We enjoyed walking the park but then I realized that the dogs had found the burrs along the fence. They were all a mess.

After my family left Kitty and I returned the kennel dogs and washed our eight. Kitty brushed while I washed. The Northern dogs were easy but the hair of the Poodle mixes held the burrs tightly. I was hurrying because we needed to get to church at 6:30. (Kitty had a reading in the service.) We just barely made it home in time to take quick showers (I was soaked.) and get to church.

After the service we were invited to join Bastian's family. There we enjoyed wonderful people and food, chatting and singing into the night. As always, it was a delight to see Bastian with his family. He is greatly appreciated.

It was late by the time we returned to the kennel but the dogs seemed to be alright from their earlier outing. We pulled Garbonzo, Sophie and Bizou and they all did well with the big guys. After I returned everyone but T-bone and Huntley I pulled Keowee, returned him, then pulled Mackey.  They are making remarkable improvement and both dogs initiated play with T-bone.  I felt like I spent all of my time cleaning and managing dogs and didn't get to play with them as much as usual. I'm looking forward to returning with more time to spare.

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