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by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-01-11 04:50

Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix ("Goldendoodle"), male

joined us: 2007-12-15 (5033 days ago)

This dog has been adopted and has passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

P1020524 P1020490 P1020631
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Sunny was surrendered to the Jasper County Animal Shelter by his owner immediately after he underwent surgery to remove some plastic he'd ingested. Other than chewing inappropriate items when left alone he's a wonderfully attentive dog. Fortunately Sunny does well in a crate so he's safe and comfortable when left alone now. Sunny has a coat that does not shed significantly. He requires grooming.

Sunny is in our first foster dog Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog training class and he did an excellent job as our program's first "loaner dog."

2008-03-07: fosters start CGC/TD class by Kyler Laird

P1020523 P1020534 P1020536

Last night Aries, Gus, Marley, Sakari, and Sunny got a little exercise and then started the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog class at Klondike Canine Academy with help from their handlers, Waynetta, Mary, Kitty, Jennifer, and Kyler.

Sakari did a beautiful job for Kyler, largely working off-lead getting a lot of "click-and-treat" for eye contact in sits and downs. Gus was his typical calm and quiet cream puff for Jennifer. The doodles, Marley and Sunny, were excited handfuls for Kitty and Mary. Aries was highly treat motivated but Waynetta succeeded in keeping all of her fingers intact.

We look forward to more training sessions and are interested in working with "guest trainers" who would like to learn along with the dogs.

2008-03-16: loaner dog program begins by Kyler Laird

On Friday, March 14, 2008, we had our first experience with placing one of our dogs in a home to provide a family with some dog experience. It was a great success.  It demonstrated the benefit of giving people experience with a dog without requiring the commitment of adoption.

2008-10-03: Friday playgroups by Kyler Laird

Waynetta called me today to ask about bringing Aries to meet my pack. She wanted to keep away from playgroup times to avoid other dogs so we met at 3:30, just before playgroups. Aries, of course, did fine meeting everyone. We eventually added the kenneled dogs and Stan joined us. They were doing so well that we stayed for playgroups.  We had a good bunch of dogs and were joined by Sunny and his sister, Leia.

Everyone got along beautifully until the very end when we mistakenly tethered GP and Chewie to the same person to return to the kennel. I looked over to see GP holding Chewie in his mouth. I made my way through the gates to them and GP quickly dropped Chewie who ran off and squeezed through a gate. He was a bit scratched but did not sustain any major damage. GP had a bite on his nose. I wonder what happened.

We were all ready for dinner so I took our dogs and Aries home. I crated Aries and Dobky (separately), leaving the normally-crated Dexter and Marley free in the house with the rest of the dogs. Kitty and I joined Waynetta and Stan for dinner then returned to find the dogs all doing well.

2008-10-17: drizzly Friday by Kyler Laird

It's been raining so I've not been at the farm as I was expecting. I took Mackey and Keowee out for a walk in the middle of the day and then I got to attend playgroups around 4:30. It's a good thing I got there a little early; only one monitor was there and we were getting a lot of clients. I took over the "big dog" section and my guys had a blast.

I'd gotten a call earlier from a couple friends we know from the Lafayette dog park who wanted to visit. They came and enjoyed seeing so many big dogs getting to play without anyone going crazy. I hope to see them bring their dogs soon.

It wasn't until others left at the end that I could pull the kennel dogs to play. I was expecting the mix of my tired guys and the fresh and nutty kennel dogs to be a challenge but they got along quite well. There was a minor scuffle between GP and Marley once when the dogs were all packed by the gate but that was all. T-bone wore his muzzle the whole time and seems to be doing alright. I'm in no hurry to discontinue the muzzle.

Later tonight I returned to the kennel to spend some time with Crockett. Poor guy! His left leg has been bandaged against his body and he's wearing a "no-bite" collar to keep him from bothering his foot. It reminds me a bit too much of my dog Garbo when he had osteosarcoma. Crockett will be better soon though and I'll try not to upset him in the meantime.  It was drizzling while we were outside so perhaps I'll get to spend time with him tomorrow too.

2009-01-10: It's been a hard dog night. by Kyler Laird
p1000459 p1000463 p1000467

The CGC test at Klondike Canine Academy (KCA) has been rescheduled several times for weather but it was held today despite the ice. In preparation I bathed GP yesterday at the kennel and brought him home to spend the night. He wasn't an easy addition to our household of seven dogs. Although he's been around the other dogs he was still quite growly with all of them. I worked hard at managing and comforting him and he did alright. He seemed relieved to be out of the kennel and enjoyed sleeping while I worked. In the afternoon I took him to University Place to meet Lindsey with Sunny for a bit of practice for the CGC test.

Dinner was the big surprise; GP readily went into a down stay with the other dogs, ate his food, and waited until he was released. He was near the entry to the kitchen, however, and I diverted my attention after dogs passed him without incident but something happened when Morgan walked by him and they were suddenly in battle. I hauled GP away but Morgan still sliced his left ear (which has other problems already). Neither dog seemed too bothered by it and although they were obviously cautious I had them back together soon. At night I kept GP in the guest bathroom but after a late night outing I allowed him to roam freely. He curled up beside the bed, putting the other dogs on alert but we slept without incident.

This morning the dogs lined up for breakfast but everyone squeezed together far away from GP. GP broke his stay a couple times after he finished his food but before I cleaned the dishes. I returned him to his spot and finally released everyone but hovered over GP to prevent a skirmish. Morgan waited to move until I specifically directed him to leave the kitchen.

We arrived at KCA just before the test time of 11:00. After an introduction by the evaluator, Leslie, we watched a couple of teams test and then I ran Dobky. He did well with everything but my greatest worry was that he'd botch the "supervised separation." In practice sessions he only lasted seconds before crying out for me. I've noticed that Dobky "hunkers down" anytime I grab his collar and try to lead him somewhere so I grabbed his collar and lead him to the evaluator. He resisted a bit as I pulled him along and then I handed over the lead. I walked out of the room and he stayed relaxed for the entire three minutes. Dobky is a CGC dog!

Lindsey wanted to watch me with Dobky before she went so she was next. Sunny had been a handful yesterday at University Place and I didn't expect him to do well. He surprised me by doing an outstanding job and Lindsey handled him beautifully. It was fun to watch them working together. Another CGC!

GP had been snuggling against Amy during the tests and seemed relaxed. I took him next and I mostly hoped he wouldn't do anything too embarrassing. We had hardly worked on heeling, hadn't done recalls, and I'd only tried downs with him during meals. He did lead me during "out for a walk" but I was able to keep his attention and he even sat when we stopped. His sit was fine but it took a long time to work him into a down. (I finally asked for his paw first and then he gave me the down.) He broke the stay as soon as I rose to leave but when I placed him again I think he got the message that he was to stay. I was delighted at his recall but I think he amused the spectators because I energetically called to him (only once) and he slowly rose and lumbered over to me. That's just his speed. He had no problems with walking through the crowd, supervised separation or any of the other exercises. CGC! I enjoyed showing everyone what a great dog GP is.

2009-03-14: Bozo's slumber party by Kyler Laird
DSC03048 DSC03057 DSC03063 DSC03078 DSC03091 DSC03103

I was a little surprised when Sunny's adoptive family responded to a message I posted about dogs being available for foster over Spring Break. What surprised me even more was that they chose to take Bozo home with them! The whole family came to playgroups yesterday to meet everyone and pick a dog for an overnighter. I was thinking Huntley or T-bone would be a good match but they really appreciated Bozo. They do well with the two dogs they have already so I thought they could handle him but I was still cautious. They left playgroups with the three dogs and a big bag of food.

I didn't bring Bozo's harness to playgroups so I took it that night along with a tug line so he could take a tire walk in the morning. Bozo was getting a walk when I arrived and he seemed energetic as usual. He'd marked a couple times and had an accident in the house already. I offered to take him back to the kennel, of course, but they declined.

This morning I learned that he really protested about being left anywhere else in the house at night but settled as soon as he was allowed in the bedroom with everyone else. There weren't any problems overnight.

Bo joined us at playgroups so we talked more about his stay and I was pleased to hear that he got along well with the other dogs, even submitting to Sunny when they played. As I warned, he's still a bit protective about his food and water but did not become a problem. On their tire walk this morning Bo zipped along with his tire and Sunny tried to keep up while pulling his own tire. Sunny was very "tired" at the end of the walk.

I'm pleased to hear that Bo did so well in a home setting with other dogs. He does take a lot of management but he's a lot of fun too.

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