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by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-03-02 20:46

things we need to do for each dog we handle

at the shelter

    • Evaluate general behavior in kennel.
    • Evaluate reaction to people of various ages.
    • Evaluate reaction to cats.
    • Evaluate reaction to other dogs of various personalities and sexes.
    • Collect and discuss paperwork (vaccination history, neuter, owner history, vet records) and any tags available.
    • Examine dog for obvious health problems.
    • Collect fecal sample if convenient.

    when initially kenneling

    • File paperwork in "Laird Rescue" binder at kennel.
    • Vaccinate for kennel cough.
    • Collect fecal sample.
    • Deworm.
    • Use food to introduce to kennel run. Then exercise before returning.
    • Draw blood for heartworm test.
    • Bathe.
    • Administer topical and/or oral flea treatment.

    after initial kenneling

    • Evaluate overall temperament.
    • Evaluate with other dogs.
    • Work into dog playgroups.
    • Schedule initial grooming/training.
    • Schedule veterinary exam.
    • Schedule neuter surgery and RFID injection.

    long term

    • Pass CGC test.
    • Pass TDI test.
    • Work.


    • Feed.
    • Exercise.
    • Train.
    • Administer topical flea preventive.
    • Administer heartworm preventive.
    • Trim nails.
    • Brush coat.
    • Bathe and groom.


    1. "Prime the clicker."
    2. Develop eye contact/attention.
    3. sits and downs
    4. loose-lead heeling
    5. CGC and TDI exercises

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