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frequently answered questions

by Kyler Laird last modified 2009-03-17 00:14

questions not answered elsewhere

How do I meet/adopt/foster/work with your dogs?
The first step is to meet us and the dogs. We try to have the dogs at the Klondike Canine Academy playgroups every Friday from 5:00 to 6:00. You're welcome to attend without notifying us but if you contact us first we can ensure that the dogs you'd especially like to see are there and we'll also notify you if playgroups are canceled. If Fridays don't work for you please suggest another time when you initially contact us.
How much does it cost to adopt one of your dogs?
See our adoption prices.
So I can just pay some money and get one of your dogs, right?
Not quite.  We want to develop a relationship with every family who adopts one of our dogs.  Also, even though a dog is listed as "adoptable" we might have special plans for that dog.
Do you adopt to distant/out-of-state homes?
It's much more difficult to develop a relationship with potential adopters who do not live nearby but we are open to the possibility, especially for exceptional experienced families who are interested in working with a therapy dog.
How much money do you spend on the dogs?
Initial vetting typically costs hundreds of dollars but can be over a thousand for special cases like heartworm treatment. Boarding and training fees accumulate quickly. It varies based on the dogs we're handling but we feed about one $50 50 pound bag of Nature's Variety kibble each week. It's common for us to spend thousands of dollars on a dog before placing him in a home.
I'd like to support your program. Can I donate money?
We appreciate your support but we are not a non-profit (501(c)3 or similar) organization. Also, one of the goals of this rescue is to become self-sustaining by providing direct value to the community and it would be harder to determine how we're doing if we accept donations. However, if what we do has benefited you we will accept "tips" and you can also make tax-deductible donations to the Jasper Foundation for us to direct to philanthropic efforts for dogs. Please see our funding page for more information.
Do you only rescue therapy dogs?
The goal is to rescue dogs who appear to have good potential to be therapy dogs. We don't expect them all to work as therapy dogs but that's the target.
If I adopt one of your therapy dogs can I immediately start working with it?
The Delta Society Pet Partners (DSPP) program registers and provides insurance to teams, not individual people or dogs. That means that even if one of our adoptable dogs has passed the DSPP evaluation and been registered he will need to pass again with any person who wants to work with him as a Pet Partner. Pet Partner teams must know each other six months before being registered.
I want to start therapy dog visits immediately. What can I do?
We now have insurance that covers our dogs on therapy visits after they have passed their CGC or Pet Partners tests. We can work with you to become comfortable working with one of our dogs and then accompany you on visits. We'll have more details as we develop this program.
I don't want my dog anymore. Will you take him?
We avoid taking dogs directly from owners. Animal shelters and breed rescue groups are much better equipped for handling intake of owner-relinquished pets. However we do appreciate notice of special dogs who are at risk in shelters. Part of the process of choosing a dog for our program is to observe how that dog has weathered the experience of being in a shelter.
How do you find so many great dogs?
There's a huge pool of wonderful dogs who need to be rescued. We monitor Petfinder and we have special relationships with several shelters and rescue groups who call us when they have exceptional dogs who aren't finding homes. We're careful to "cherry pick" dogs we think we can handle and only take those who have not caught the interest of a good local home or another rescue group with space. We work to maintain a collection of dogs that closely matches what people seem to want to adopt; this tends to mean plain ("pure bred") dogs and low-shed "designer" mixes. Kyler has more experience with larger dogs and has a soft spot for those who are mistakenly labeled "aggressive" but we're always watching for special small dogs and have have been delighted with the little guys we've handled so far. Even though we're so picky about the dogs we take it's easy to find more dogs than we can handle; the pet overpopulation problem is enormous. 
How much dog food do you buy every month?!
We typically buy ten 50 pound bags of food each month. We're now feeding Eagle Pack Super Premium Lamb and Rice.
How many dogs are in your car?!
[Kyler] I've hauled nine dogs in my Jeep but that includes two Great Pyrenees and a Saint Bernard so I'm sure I could squeeze more smaller dogs in there.

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