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by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-03-15 12:14

what it means to borrow a dog from us

The goal of the "loaner dog" program is to get appropriate dogs to people without a long-term commitment.  The term of the loan could be as brief as a single session at our training facility or as long as multiple nights at home.

In all cases, borrowers will be provided with equipment and supplies the dogs need along with instruction for handling the dogs.  Training and consultation about special situations is available through Klondike Canine Academy.

We have several scenarios in mind for this program:

For a family considering adopting a dog, whether from us or not, borrowing our dogs will provide opportunities to evaluate different traits of dogs and how those traits mesh with the family's lifestyle.  It will also provide the family with training in handling a dog who is much less demanding than a newly-acquired dog from a shelter or breeder would be.

Day trips can be a good way for someone who can't have a dog at home but would still enjoy occasionally sharing time with one.  It's good for our dogs to socialize and they'd enjoy running errands around town or going for a hike.

Want to try running/biking/scootering/skating/sledding/carting/... with a dog?  We have dogs with the training and equipment to make it enjoyable.  Our dogs can even help train other dogs for these jobs.

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