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volunteer opportunities

by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-08-25 13:37

opportunities to participate in our program

foster care

Our dogs deserve to be in home settings.  Even if you've never cared for a dog we can help you before and after placement.  And because we have kennel space available there's no pressure to keep a dog.  If there are problems or you need to travel just return the dog.  Even having a dog out overnight can be a big benefit for everyone.

We will provide you with food, instruction, support...and a healthy dog!  You supply attention, basic care and training.

day care

Not quite ready to have a dog in your home?  Dogs at the kennel need to be exercised, trained and cleaned.  Take a dog jogging or along for the drive while you run errands.

training classes

We have limited openings for volunteers to work with our dogs in training classes.  Children are especially welcome to participate even if they have no experience working with dogs.

therapy dog visits

We're starting to work on a program to help volunteers train and work with our dogs in therapy situations.

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