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by Kyler Laird last modified 2008-03-05 02:12

components of our program

foster homes

Foster homes provide care and training of the dogs in a family setting.

Klondike Kennels

We use the kennel to handle dogs until they can find a foster home. We use space not in use by client dogs in order to place a low burden on the facility. By making kennel space readily available we are able to reduce stress on our foster homes. We also use the professional and self-serve grooming facilities to maintain our dogs in good condition.

Blair Animal Clinic

Veterinary service is readily available so that we can quickly handle the various problems that many of the dogs have when they're received. The dogs are in ongoing contact with the vets in order to get them healthy and keep them there.

Klondike Canine Academy

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Frequent outings for supervised playgroups with other dogs are a staple for all of our dogs but especially those who are kenneled. All of the dogs benefit from these socialization opportunities and some help new client dogs.

The KCA behaviorist works closely with our program to provide individual recommendations for handling the dogs. Our dogs also take KCA training classes.


Besides providing foster homes, volunteers give the kenneled dogs extra attention to help them thrive. Volunteers take dogs for walks, help supervise them during playgroups, and even take them for day trips. Volunteers also visit animal shelters to evaluate and transport incoming dogs.

University Place

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University Place has been very generous in allowing us not only to make therapy dog visits to their health center but also train dogs in the hallways. It's a beautiful facility and we always encounter wonderful people there. We often sit and talk with residents and guests, and let the dogs play in the health center's courtyard (the "dog bowl").


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While we prefer to act locally we are able to transport dogs around the country by air. It's incredibly expensive but the dogs can travel in comfort, either crated or uncrated in the cabin of a small airplane. (It was a rescue too!)

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